You can rent a small one-tap beer tap for your party or event with a choice of two beers from our permanent line-up. We provide 30 liters reusable kegs.

Please note that we do not deliver. You'll have to pick-up and return the tap and kegs at the brewery in Saint-Denis.


We only accept booking online directly on our Online Shop (> Fûts et Location de Tireuse - French language only for the moment)

We recommend that you read all the FAQs below before proceeding with your booking. If you encounter trouble to book online or need extra information, please contact us through our contact form in our website.


- How much does it cost?

Rental package are the following:

  • 30€ if you rent between Tuesday and Thursday (you'll have to return the tap before Thursday at 5:00 pm).
  • 50€ if you rent during the weekend (pick-up on Friday, return on Monday)

The beer prices are as follows:

  • L'Express: 111€ per 30L keg
  • L'Oiseau Blanc : 111€ per 30L keg
  • IPA Citra Galactique : 149€ per 30L keg.

- Do you deliver / install ?

No. We do not deliver nor install the tap and kegs. An installation guide is provided and the tap is really easy to use.

- When and Where do we have to come pick-up the tap?

Directly at the brewery at the following address :


103, rue Charles Michels

Parc Saint-Denis Pleyel, Lot 4 Bat C 

 93200 Saint-Denis

From Monday to Friday: 9:30 am - 05:00 pm.

What are the available beers?

  • L’Express, Pale Ale, alc. 4.5% vol. A light Pale Ale with a moderate bitterness, refreshing and accessible to everyone.
  • L'oiseau Blanc - Wheat beer - Alc. 4,5% Vol. - Light and refreshing wheat beer brewed with a hint of orange zest.
  • L’IPA Citra Galactique, alc. 6.5% vol. An India Pale Ale with a little bit more character and bitterness.

- How many kegs should I order?

A 30 liters kegs is equivalent to approximately 120 glasses of 25 cl. One kegs fits a party of 30-40 people, two kegs will be better for a larger event (wedding, weekend) with 40-100 people. For a longer event or more people, it will depend on your consumption.

Please note that every kegs that are open will be charged and the beer left will be lost. We recommend that you adjust the quantity at the best.

- Do you reimburse unopened kegs?

Yes, we can reimburse unopened kegs up to 2 kegs per order, except for special cases.

Special cases:

  • You buy 1 keg and you return 1 unopened keg = no reimbursement can be made.
  • You buy several kegs and you return them all = no reimbursement can be made.

- Can I book last minute?

No, there is a 24-hours preparation time for your order. You will not be able to book the day of or the day before your event.

- For which occasion can I rent a tap at Brasserie du Grand Paris?

The tap is a small mobile beer tap. It fits for small personal events : barbecue with friends, birthday party, afterwork, wedding... But it is not intended for continuous service during a long time. The machine is limited to serve 30 liters per hour.

If you need a better equipment, we recommend you to get in touch with event planning pros or other breweries that might be equiped with bigger taps.

- Does it fit in my car? 

Here are the dimensions (in French cm):

Tap (in its box) : width 30 cm x length 46 cm x height 44 cm.

Kegs: diameter 40 cm x height 40 cm

According to your order and your car, we recommend to empty your trunk and to make space in the back seat. We usually load one tap machine and 1-2 kegs easilly.

- How much does it weight?

We recommend that you load and unload with an other person. 

Tap: 16 kg / Keg : 40 kg

- Do I need to plug the tap on an outlet?

Yes, the tap works only with electricity (to get the beer out of the keg and to cold it).

Electrical information: - 267 Watt/ 230V/50Hz, 1.16A

- Do I need to keep the kegs refrigerated?

No. The tap colds the beer. Still, we recommend to store it at temperate temperature to keep the beer quality and prevent the beer from foaming (the hotter it is, the more difficult it is to cold it).

- Do we need gaz to pour it?

No. The tap is equiped with an air compressor. If you need to use the keg for more than 24 hours, we can provide you with a gaz bottle to avoid beer oxydation.

- How do I book?

Booking is only online on our e-shop accessible on THIS LINK. You'll have to pay for the total amount of your order.

We ask you to read all the terms and make sure you can comply with it.

- How can I pay the equipment deposit, and what is the amont ?

Upon collection, the equipment deposit can be settled in two ways:

  • Either by check made payable to "Brasserie du Grand Paris".
  • Or by bank authorization. A bank authorization is not debited from your account; it is only put on hold. However, ensure you have a sufficient credit limit.

If it's not possible to provide a check deposit or bank authorization upon collection, we can offer payment of your deposit via an online payment link. Please note, in this case, it will be a charged payment. If the equipment is returned complete and in its original condition, the refund will be processed within a few working days after its return.

The amount of the deposit is €500 per tap and €30 per keg. If any accessories are missing or damaged, the following amounts may also be deducted: €50 per dispensing head or tap handle.