The creation of a brewery based in Saint-Denis.

A meeting

Between 2011 and 2013, the adventure of the Brasseurs du Grand Paris centered around a small converted office in Levallois accessed by five long flights of stairs. Meet NFabrice (originally from Brittany) and Anthony (originally from the US), both of them passionate about craft beer

In this space, which they converted into a makeshift brewery, they studied brewing, odeveloped their recipes and brewed their first range of beers for sale to the public (La Levalloise, IPA Citra Galactique, Smoke on the Water and Porter Gourmande...). In 2013 they were awarded the Silver Medal for La Levalloise in the annual St Nicolas de Port brewing competition.

In the end of 2013, Emmanuel Rey (Volcelest, Brasserie de la Vallée de Chevreuse) graciously welcomed us into his brewery with its more ample brew house and fermenters in order to meet the demand for La Levalloise. Subsequently, the teams at brewery Parisis and brewery Rabourdin made room for us to expand our lineup of beers.

In December of 2013, we decided to stop production in Levallois. The volumes produced locally had become inconsequential relative to our total output. In May 2014, "La Levalloise" produced in Chevreuse won gold at St Nicolas de Port, the best pale craft beer.

The creation of the Brasserie du Grand Paris 

After years of experimentation as gypsy brewers, we was ready and determined to build our own brewery. Our goal for early 2017 was to produce our own lineup of beers in our own facility allowing the Brasseurs du Grand Paris to become Brasserie du Grand Paris.

In September of 2016, we left our respective jobs and moved to Saint-Denis to begin setting up our brewery there. A 20 hectoliters brewing room, 6 fermenters of 40 hectoliters, 2 fermenters of 80 hectoliters, and an isobar packaging line to start our adventure. The first beer was brewed in St Denis in February 2017.

We do not filter or pasteurize our beers. Our beers are not refermented in bottles, our bottling preserve the carbonation of the beers.

Thank you to the breweries of La Vallée de Chevreuse, Parisis, Rabourdin for welcoming us when we were nomads. Thank you to all the brewers, professionals, distributors, enthusiasts, consumers, for supporting us all these years, for encouraging us and for believing in us.

Today, being able to share one of our beers with you remains our greatest reward.

Our values

We operate on a few simple principles :

  • We participate in the brewing of each batch and are transparent about where we brew: our bottles include the name and location of the brewery where each beer is brewed along with a word of thanks to the team that aided us in the production of the beer.

  • We believe in communicating on beer style (American Pale Ale, Porter, India Pale Ale) and not simply by beer color as is commonly done here in 

  • We love hops and never compromise on the choice of varieties, quantity or quality of the hops required to get the flavors we seek.

  • We develop our own recipes.